We are always on the lookout for farmers interested in the products we make here at American Stonecraft, and this Spring we’ve teamed with new farms across the northeast to craft their unwanted fieldstones into beautiful, functional tableware. This April, we visited a few of them.

Jones Farm, Inc in Cornwall, NY

Since its foundation in 1914, the family-owned Jones Farm, Inc in Cornwall, NY has been a staple of the community. With three generations currently working the fields, the Jones-Clearwater family is proud of their farming history. They offer fresh-picked and fresh-baked products in their shops year-round, and they are famous for their iced coffee, which is made with coffee ice cubes so it’s never watered down. Yum!


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Jones Family Farm in Shelton, CT

Jones Family Farm in Shelton, CT uses nearly all of these freshly unearthed fieldstones to build the stonewalls crisscrossing their 400-acre farm and winery.

“These stonewalls are sacred,” says Jamie Jones, sixth Generation farmer of Jones Family Farm. “This cluster of farmland in Fairfield County is one of the few remaining large tracts of land in cultivation. We are 80 miles to Times Square, but feels a world apart up here on top of the hills.”


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Red Tractor Farm in Limington, ME

Steven Pazar, an attorney and farmer who splits his time with another home in Massachusetts, founded Red Tractor Farm to grow food. Steven read about American Stonecraft in a magazine and decided to introduce himself because the studio’s mission deeply connected with him.

“I feed friends and family, offer some produce as gifts of appreciation to my clients and support two fantastic restaurants outside Boston. They absolutely love what I grow. Farming allows me to maintain connections between my youth, my college studies in Soil Science and my interests in simple food. I cherish being able to spend time farming here in Limington, ME.”


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