First farm visit of 2015! We found our way to Red Tractor Farm in Limington on a classic New England spring day through the Maine forests, by rivers and lakes; a really beautiful drive. On one of the warmest days this year, we cracked the windows open from their winter hibernation and rolled them all the way down with the sun shining bright. As we arrived, the clouds started rolling in for an afternoon April shower. We were greeted by farmer Steve and the rain drops started to fall, so Gerald quickly got to work scouting around the (actual) potato farm for some of those pesky beautiful “New England potatoes”. As the sun and rain took turns, we scurried around the new and old fields happily collecting a full bounty of stones, rich in color and variety. Farmer Steve told us about the original owner of his potato digger; a late neighbor who taught him how to farm potatoes, an inspirational story of simple living. Rounding out our efforts at the end of the field the rain started falling more heavily. Amy grabbed some quick shots of the old potato digger and back to the farmhouse we ran. Lucky for us there were still some potatoes left from last years harvest so we packed some up before hitting the road.
Red Tractor Farm Limington, ME 04049  

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