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End Table 22″ Tall from Boston Honey Company, Holliston, MA – #24005


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Hi, I’m Gerald, the artisan and founder of this craft studio American Stonecraft ®. We are looking at this unique, 1 of 1 Stone Table with hairpin steel legs that I handcrafted in Lowell, Massachusetts. The stone top is a polished serving tray, and I’ve added legs to make it a portable side table. The feet are steel, and electrically coated with a permanent black zinc finish. It will ship with the leg’s detached, and you will screw them into the stone top with the included hex wrench. Only 12 screws for assembly, all clearly marked.

The stone came from the place listed in the title, and its exact dimensions are found in the sizing tab below. The wood slats you see below the tray are 3″ wide for reference scale.

It is also a food-safe table for serving and grazing, or can be safely used as a trivet for hot dishes at mealtime, or from potted plants that may weepy onto the table below.

Although the stone is safe in the hot sun outside, please take it indoors for winter time.

Chinese culture considers stones to be concentrations of energy and life, objects of contemplation, microcosms of heaven and earth. (Kernels of Energy, Bones of Earth, 1986). I wholeheartedly agree!

1 in stock

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