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Picture Holder with Tumbled Stone Base


Serial # Clip Holder Category:

These smooth tumbled clip holders are made from fieldstone remnants that American Stonecraft hand-gathered at farms in New England. This is a special blend of colors, from or favorite larger pieces like you see in Food Slabs, Trivets, and Coasters, but smaller, and with a clip.

Why a clip? Photo of a friend, label for a cheese or recipe, raffle donation cards, place settings for vips or guests of honor. Petite, but also sturdy enough to keep from tipping over. Appropriate use of the medium.

If you have special requests regarding color, please put that in the order notes or contact us prior to placing the order. However, our typical practice is to take a photo and send it over to you, hopefully with extras so that you can circle and send back the edited photo after picking your favorites.

If you want us to decide, you are welcome to simply mention color preferences or let us decide something with a harmonious aesthetic and send that directly without the back and forth.

Sending as a gift? Add a gift note!