May we introduce, the newest member of the American Stonecraft line up: The Bowlder!  We are thrilled to announce that our newest product is now fully launched and available for wholesale and retail purchase. We have crafted Bowlders that range from a 5-inch pinch bowl, all the way up to a 9-inch diameter bowlder! We are very excited to finally be able to share them with you.

The 5-inch pinch bowl is the perfect daily, kitchen accessory. It works great for offering colorful salts and spices on your dining table. The 6-inch Bowlder can be used as a trendy office accent- Our Communications Coordinator has one on her desk that she uses to hold paper clips. Whether you want display hard candies or contain extra supplies, the 6-inch Bowlder is a small yet bold addition to any desk. The 7-inch Bowlder is a unique vehicle for all your dips or salsas- Pass this piece around while entertaining and impress guests with this conversation starter. The 8-inch Bowl meanwhile, will serve loyally along side the 7-inch. Break this piece out to hold chips or sliced veggies to accompany your dips. The 9-inch Bowlder is our largest creation of them all! It is big enough to serve as a stunning fruit bowl or holiday cornucopia. Set this piece in the focal point of a room and let it work it’s magic! Whether it’s holding fruit, nuts, or an assortment of goodies, this stone bowl will become the center piece of any table!