Ugly Udder is a small, family-owned, dairy farm specializing in the production of goat’s milk and milk derived products like soaps and lotions. The name comes from the goats living and working on the farm, many of whom were potential show-goats but were rejected because of udder defects.  Though their Udders have cosmetic anomalies, the soaps, lotions, and cheeses these goats produce don’t suffer! The proceeds from the sales of their products support the health and well-being of their herd. We first traveled to Ugly Udder in 2011 and then returned in 2013. Kathy, one of the owners, works full time at the Federal Aviation Administration and full time on the farm. The to-do list is long, but the work is meaningful. While we were there they even taught us how to milk a goat! Learn more and shop online at their Facebook page.
Ugly Udder Farm 168 County Road Greenfield, NH 03047 (781) 436-0832

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