Stillman’s Farm is a family owned business started by Glenn Stillman over 30 years ago in Lunenburg, MA as a farm stand and nursery. In 1991, Stillman purchased a historic farm in New Braintree, MA where he spent the next few years restoring it to production. The Stillmans use both organic and traditional farming practices that are safe and healthy for their plants and animals and the people who consume them. They proudly label their food as “conscientiously grown” to represent their holistic approach and dedication to fresh, safe produce. Stillman’s Farm fruits and vegetables are available at markets in the greater Boston area and central Massachusetts, including down the aisle from our shop at the Boston Public Market. They also have a CSA that you can sign up for on their website. We arrived at the farm with Halley Stillman from Still Life Farm, daughter-in-law to the Stillmans. She introduced us to Geneviève Stillman who runs Stillman’s Farm with her husband, Glenn. Halley and Geneviève showed us around the fields to a few different rock piles so we could take our pick. In the back field Glenn and his team were setting up rows with the tractor. Once he was finished, we loaded our selected rocks into the tractor and he drove them back to our trailer. All in all it was a great haul!
Stillman’s Farm 1205 Barre Road New Braintree, MA 01531 (508) 867-7193

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