Stillman Dairy Farm is a fourth-generation farm in Lunenburg, MA. Their goal is to provide healthy, locally-produced milk to the community and connect everyone a little closer to their food.

Stillman Dairy produces fresh milk from start to finish, beginning with their herd of healthy, grass-fed Jersey cows. The cows graze in open fields and are not given any artificial growth hormones. The milk is processed and bottled in their own facilities. They sell the milk at local markets and in their farm store along with other fresh baked goods. If you live anywhere near Lunenburg, you should definitely check them out!

We arrived at Stillman Dairy Farm on a beautiful summer day. We were greeted by Julia Stillman, one of the 4th generation farmers at this beautiful farm. As Julia showed us around to a few different rock piles, we got to see the rolling hills, streams, and brooks that their cows happily roam. We collected a full trailer of rocks, and Julia definitely did more than her fair share of rock picking and heavy lifting right along with us! We ended the day saying goodbye to the cows in a pasture filled with Queen Anne’s Lace. All in all a really great visit that resulted in a new farm partnership, and lots of rocks with a large variety of colors and markings!

Stillman Dairy Farm

991 Lancaster Ave

Lunenburg, MA 01462

(978) 582-5533