Ski Hearth Farm in Sugar Hill, NH dates back to the mid-1800s, making it one of the oldest structures in Sugar Hill. Selden Hannah purchased the farm in 1938. His initial interest was in skiing, but he eventually became one of the biggest potato producers in the region. The farm was owned briefly by Olympic skier Bode Miller from 2005 to 2013, when Davis Mangold purchased it. With the help of employees, friends and family, he re-opened the farm in 2014 with over ten acres of vegetables and a 30KM ski trail system. He created a CSA to involve the local community.

Mangold and his crew strive to grow a variety of healthy, non-GMO crops. Because the growing season in North Country is so short, they have greenhouses lined with warm water piping to allow seedlings to get their start before being transplanted to a larger area.

We arrived late in the afternoon on a late spring day and were greeted by Davis and the farm Chef, Shivanter Singh. We took a quick tour of the farm as we got to collecting rocks. Ski Hearth Farm had lots and lots of smaller rocks, about the size of a large grapefruit – perfect for coasters! Davis helped us collect a decent sized load in the Gator, which we brought back to our pickup to transfer into the trailer. As the sun was setting, we were about to hit the road back to Lowell. Davis and Shivanter made sure we were well equipped with provisions for our trip: they sent us on our way with some delicious vegetarian meals from the farm store, and even a pound of Ski Hearth Farm roasted organic coffee to try at home. It was all extremely delicious! If you happen to be near Sugar Hill when the Farm Store is open, you should stop and see what yummy treats are available.

During the winter Ski Hearth Farm is open for skiing and winter activities. They have over a dozen well-designed ski trails and 3 snow shoe trails for all skill levels, including two dog-friendly trails. While you’re there, rest in their rustic barn-turned-nordic center and eat in their farm-to-table restaurant.

Visit the Ski Hearth Farm website to learn more or plan a visit.

Ski Hearth Farm

392 Streeter Pond Road

Sugar Hill, NH 03586

(877) 772-4666