Ricker Hill Orchards grows a variety of fruits including apples, pears and cranberries, but they are known the best for their delicious Macintosh apples. Their farm stand is stocked seasonally with fresh apples, cider and donuts. Yum! Apples have been a part of Maine’s agriculture through all of the state’s history, and Ricker Hill Orchards is proud to contribute to that heritage. There are references to apple orchards in the Maine area as early as the 1600s, though early varieties of the fruit weren’t very edible. The earliest commercial orchards were established in the late 1700s and early 1800s, and sold their apples to cider mills until the market for fresh fruit began to grow in the mid-1800s. The industry has been growing and innovating since then to grow healthy and abundant produce. The Apple orchards continue to be a staple of farming in the state. After wandering the orchards on a gorgeous autumn day, we picked up some beautiful stones including green soapstone and other metamorphic rocks. The stones from Ricker Hill are just stunning, with lots of variety in colors and visually interesting elements. If you are in Maine, Ricker Hill Orchards is definitely a place you’ll want to check out. The farm hosts many activities at the farm, including apple-picking, tours and birthday parties. You can learn more about these activities, their apples and apple products, and more here.  
Ricker Hill Orchards 295 Buckfield Rd Turner, ME 04282 (207) 225-5552

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