In the 1850’s mason and farmer Miles Smith raised pigs, goats and dairy cattle at his property in Loudon, New Hampshire. He lined his pastures with the stone walls that have become iconic in New England. Current owners of Miles Smith Farm Carole Soule and Bruce Dawson still look back to the farm’s original owner for inspiration. After spending their first year on the farm clearing the land with modern machines, and many hours of tractor repairs, they asked, “What would Miles Smith do?” The answer was to let the animals do the work! The cattle naturally till and fertilize the soil while eating away the brush. All of the cattle are grass-fed without any added GMOs to produce the healthiest possible animals (and meat)! For Carole and Bruce, farming is about the community as much as it’s about the animals. They buy cattle from family farms in New England and have a strict Animal Standards agreement to ensure best practices. They shuttle the cattle from pasture to pasture in their “cattle taxi” to different farms. This allows the cattle to eat a healthy and varied diet while they help the landowners maintain their open spaces by eating away brush and undergrowth. Along with these time-honored farming methods, Carole and Bruce use technology to their advantage with solar power on their farm and computer software that tracks the location and health of every animal. To learn more about Miles Smith Farm and “connect with your inner moo,” visit their website.
Miles Smith Farm 56 Whitehouse Road Loudon, NH 03307 (603) 783-5159

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