We arrived at High Mowing School on the tail end of a rainstorm, surrounded by woods and a spectacular view. It was the lunch hour at a high school, large wooden buildings stood in silence, not a soul in sight. We made our way to the dining hall, weaving around puddles and following the sounds of clinking silverware and peals of laughter; there we found the whole school! We sat down to a hearty lunch with Heather Carver and Bradley Miller. Heather works in the HMS Alumni & Community Relations Office and found our studio through another Wilton farm that we work with, Bee Fields Farm. She invited us to visit the farm at High Mowing School to give a presentation about how we turn regional farming obstacles into value added products for farmers. Brad runs the farm at HMS, and teaches courses on Biodynamic Farming, Horticulture and Science. Between Heather and Brad we learned a lot about the history of the school, the unique education it offers, and the students who attend. Heading over to the farm the smell of rain lingered in the muggy air as the sun made its way back to join us. Students slowly followed from every direction, and within a couple of minutes Gerald had a captive audience. We spent the afternoon with the class, telling our studio’s story, discussing the geography and farming in New England and other parts of the world, and teaching students about the rocks at HMS. To learn more about the HMS and their approach to inspired learning, visit their website.

The Farm at High Mowing School

222 Isaac Frye Hwy

Wilton, NH 03086

(603) 654-2391

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