Grigas Dairy Farm is a 100-acre farm in New Braintree, Massachusetts. The property traces its history back to before the incorporation of New Braintree and even before the American Revolutionary war. Historical documents suggest that there was a dwellinghouse on the property as early as 1738. The land was sold to William Anderson in 1741 and remained in the Anderson family until 1914 when it was purchased by Felix and Appollonia Grigas who were both from Lithuania. They continued the operation of a dairy farm on the land and have passed the farm down from one generation to the next. Grigas Dairy Farm is now operated by the third generation of the family to live on the land. They currently have roughly 120 head of Holstein cattle on the property, 75 of which are actively used for milk production. Grigas Dairy Farm also still uses the historic buildings on the land, some of which date from the mid-1800s. Stanley and Kate Grigas and their son Matthew are solely responsible for the daily operations at Grigas Dairy farm with their work occasionally supplemented by their daughter, Emily, when she has time after her full-time job. Aside from the cows on the farm they also keep some chickens for their own egg usage, some turkeys, and about 25 ducks that Kate says are “for looking at and not eating”. Grigas Dairy also has about 25 barn cats that help manage the population of less desirable wild-life.
Grigas Dairy Farm 87B Sibley Road New Braintree, MA 01531 (413) 477-6870

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