The adventure to be had by embracing a bit of spontaneity is one of life’s simple pleasures. We found ourselves on an island with bright sun, with crisp air, with cargo room and time to spare. We agreed on the day’s mission: discover farms, make friends, and unearth fieldstones. Very soon after starting out we happened upon Ghost Island Farm with their charming farm stand Cape, newly constructed greenhouses, and a few vegetable fields in the back. We met the Ghost Island team including farmer Rusty Gordon, who extended a warm welcome and was happy to show us around the fields so we could get a closer look at his fieldstones. Ghost Island Farm was founded by in 2011 with only two acres of land, and the farm has been growing steadily since! The Martha’s Vineyard farm is supported by the hard work of Rusty, a steady base of local customers seeking fresh produce, and the dedicated members of the Ghost Island Co-op. Rusty has over two decades experience running a large farming operation and CSA, and he’s dedicated to providing his customers with organic, non-GMO foods. The rocks we unearthed at Ghost Island tended to be smaller in size, though they were plentiful. We swapped stories with Rusty as we inspected, collected, and loaded the rocks into the truck. When the work was done we bid our goodbyes, continued on our adventure, and Rusty on his. A thoughtful fellow, his farm is a West Tisbury treasure. Should you find yourself on the island it’s worth a stop for responsibly grown local produce. Rusty says that the soil has a lot of clay in it, making it hard to work with, but a surprising number of fieldstone keep growing back even after the field has been cleared. This makes the farm an excellent partner for American Stonecraft! Click here to learn more about the farm and co-op.
Ghost Island Farm State Road West Tisbury, MA 02575 (508) 693-5161

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