Located in East Canaan, CT, Freund’s Farm began as a family corn stand in the 1950’s. Three generations later, the farm has expanded to a profitable dairy operation and farm market and continues to be a family-run farm. They are dedicated to operating in an ecologically aware environment and enriching the community. Ben and Matthew Freund developed CowPots to solve a problem: dairy farms like theirs in Northeast Connecticut were producing tons of cow manure, with excess runoff threatening the area watersheds. With the help of a federal grant, the Freunds spent 8 years experimenting to create the perfect pots made from the manure! The CowPots are made of deodorized, dried manure fibers molded into pots that can be used as seed starters, then planted in your garden or greenhouse. They’re a 100% biodegradable, renewable, high-performing alternative to plastic pots that allow the plants to thrive. The Freunds use the CowPots in their own gardens, planting flowers, herbs and vegetables. The Garden Center opens early in spring with annuals and continues into autumn with pumpkins, gourds and chrysanthemums. Their fresh produce, flowers, baked goods and more are sold in their Farm Market. To learn more about Freund’s Farm, visit their website.
Freund’s Farm 324 Canaan Norfolk Rd East Canaan, CT 06024 (860) 824-0650

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