Cooper’s Hilltop Dairy sits on a hilltop in the village of Rochdale, MA. The land was purchased by J. Arnold Cooper and his wife Cora after World War I. Arnold planted apple, peach and plum trees, and Cora purchased the first cow. Milk and cream have been the backbone of the farm ever since! Now the farm is operated by the third and fourth generations of Cooper farmers, and there is always plenty to do! Everything happens on the farm – the cows are raised in their pastures, the corn and hay the cows are fed is grown in their fields, and the milk they produce is pasteurized and bottled in their own vats using a method of heating and cooling that brings out the best possible taste. Their milk is delicious, and you’ll also find chocolate, strawberry, and coffee milk flavors which are really popular!
Cooper’s Hilltop Dairy Farm 515 Henshaw Street Rochdale, MA 01542 (508) 892-3720

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