Over the last 169 years and 7 generations of farmers, Brookdale Fruit Farm in Hollis, NH has been growing and changing to best suit the needs of the family and community. It was founded in 1847 by Edwin Hardy to be used primarily as subsistence farming, with cows, chickens and hogs. The next generation increased the number of milk cows and established a delivery route from Hollis to Nashua. Most of the fields at the time were used for grain. In 1910 Harold Hardy planted trees to begin an orchard, and built a storage cellar for the fruit. In the 1940s, he added a cold storage room. The present older generation sold off the remaining animals to use the fields and pasture land for vegetables and fruits. They began selling produce near the road outside Elwin and Betty Hardy’s house. The business grew, and the current, larger farm stand was built in 1975.

Now, Rick Hardy is in charge, along with his sons Trevor and Tyler. Techniques in raising apple trees have changed dramatically over the years but they are still dedicated to growing great quality fruit! They sell their produce in local wholesale markets, and their retail farm stand is open year-round. You can even pick your own fruit in their fields, from berries in summer to apples and pumpkins in fall!

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Brookdale Fruit Farm

41 Broad Street

Hollis, NH 03049

(603) 465-2240