American Stonecraft visited Bonnie Brae Farms in Plymouth, NH to hand-gather fieldstones for our handmade farm-to-table serving wares. Bonnie Brae Farms specializes in deer farming, with quality stock with Scottish, German and Yugoslavian genetics. The farm was established by brothers Henry and Bruce Ahern to revitalize the family farm into an open and productive space. Deer farming allows them to maintain other careers while building a sustainable future. “Bonnie Brae” means “beautiful hillside” in Scottish.

Red deer are one of the largest deer species. They are valued for their tasty venison and their antlers, which are used in holistic medicines, artwork and decoration. The Ahern brothers deal with all aspects of the deer farming, including breeding, education, and venison.

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Bonnie Brae Farms

601 Daniel Webster Highway

Plymouth, NH 03264

(603) 536-3880