Art and Music feed the creative mind! The team at American Stonecraft keep the inspiration flowing by discovering new music each week. We love sound and you probably do too! So here are our favorite songs that we listened to this week. Check them out- You won’t be disappointed.

Our Team’s Picks:

Jonathan: Manhattan by The Kings of Leon

Cooper: All Circles by mewithoutYou

Pollo: Always by Bon Jovi

Georgina: Black Mambo by Glass Animals

Gerald: The Line Between by Susannah Clifford Blachly

4: The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine

Amy: Beggars’ Guild by Roadkill Ghost Choir

Christina: Amy by The Mountain Goats

So technically, 4’s favorite song isn’t a song at all- It’s an audiobook he has been listening to while he works this week. We think it qualifies for the weekly round-up anyway. After all, it is what he listens to during the day and what inspires him this week.  ….And it is a killer book. Download the audio onto your phone and listen while driving. Just watch how quickly your commute goes by!

Also of note, Amy and Gerald both wanted to choose The Line Between by Susannah Clifford Blachly as their favorite song this week. In the end Gerald got the credit for the song because he dibbs-ed it first. But the whole ordeal just proves that the song is extra-awesome.

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