Serial Number 22419

It was once said by a generous person, that a great gift shows the recipient(s) how well you know them.

So if you are gifting to someone who geology, loves being outside and collecting in nature, loves things that last and can be handed down, well these are obviously reasons why you might be researching the works of American Stonecraft ®️.

But what about gifting to a whole family? How do you include the whole team in the fun?

I propose you consider a sculptural stack! First, as you can see, the stone is cut into many pieces. Each one is finished as either a Coaster, a Trivet, or a Food Slab. Sometimes there is even a Bowlder inside the set.

Cutting a whole rock, without breaking any interior pieces, and then putting it all back together is obviously tricky. So the set above costs a premium to 8 single coasters.

However, if you are trying to surprise a family of 8 with a remarkable gift? Well, imagine the delight of a family of 8 looking at that set of 8 coasters on the table, waiting for family gatherings. I bet it will put a huge smile on their face and make them remember the person who found such a unique surprise to match their unique (and large) family!

Also, each stone slice is unique on its own, like each member of a family. But when you put them all next to each other, they become something complete again. So perhaps the individual coasters will travel off with their respective family members, reminding each person of each other, and waiting to be reunited again someday.

What about families smaller than 8?

Well, we make sculpture stacks of 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. pieces in the set. In fact, I believe this idea works just as well as an anniversary gift for a couple of two people, as a gift for a whole family.

Hope this inspires a new perspective on the sculptural stacks!