Still Life Farm is a small family farm run by Curtis and Halley Stillman. Curt spent his younger years learning to farm from his father Glenn, who owns Stillman’s Farm. He purchased Still Life Farm in 2010 and began working hard to reinvigorate the old farmland into fruitful orchards and small fruit and vegetable fields. Curt and Halley married in 2014 and began running the farm together from that point on. Now they grow a variety of vegetables and fruits, including specialty fruits like heirloom apples, sweet cherries, and gooseberries. In the winter, they run a CSA to bring fresh produce to the community. We admired their new greenhouse with lots of tasty zucchini growing inside. They sent us home with a few squash to try out, and it was incredibly fresh and tasty! We had a lot of fun visiting Curt and Halley to gather stones at their farm. We met their dog Spencer, and their two goats that were a wedding present from Curt to Halley. There were a LOT of rocks on their land, so much so that they had already pulled lots of them from the fields and set them into piles in the few short years that they’ve been working the land. We collected a good amount of stones, and the finished products were quite interesting. We got a few really beautiful large stones and lots of coaster-sized stones with a lot of variety. Can’t wait to visit them again and see what else we can find! To learn more about Still Life Farm or to sign up for their CSA, visit their website!
Still Life Farm 1643 Petersham Road Hardwick, MA 01037 (978) 413-5110

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