Grill Stone Set | 3/4″ Thick Stone with Steel Handle and Wood Blocks

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My grilling stone set is the perfect bundle for grilling enthusiasts who want to add a unique flavor to their food. Cooking on a stone has been used for centuries around the world, and our granite cooking stone is no exception. This adds the option to serve on the hot stone at the dining table.

The family sized option is made of durable dark gray granite, and the smaller individual stones are a dark green granite. Both options are honed on the top and left rougher on the bottom, our cooking stone is designed to retain and distribute heat evenly, helping you to cook your food more uniformly. Plus, the stone absorbs moisture from your food, which creates a crispy exterior while keeping the inside moist and tender.

Our stone can be used to cook a variety of foods, including meats, seafood, and vegetables. To use, simply preheat the stone thoroughly to ensure that it reaches the desired temperature, then place your food directly on the stone or use a cooking tool such as tongs or a spatula to move the food around.

And remember, safety always comes first. Be sure to use the included steel handle to move the stone and ensuring that the stone is placed on a grill or oven above the heat, rather than placed directly on a an electric coil heater or heat source.

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