Custom Sourcing Part 1 (of 2)


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Mail (or drop off) a stone you select and American Stonecraft will transform it into Food Slabs, Coasters, Trivets, or Bowlders. Part 1 of 2 gets you custom product labeling, round trip shipping, and a personalized consultation to select a rock. –OR- drop off your stone, and get a slight discount, free shipping on the finished pieces, and custom ink-labeling on the finished pieces. This flat-rate shipping is valid on a rock(s) up to 60 lbs. We offer either an 18″x14″x10″ box or a 10″x10″x10″ box size. All you need is packing tape and crumpled newspaper to prevent your stone from shifting around inside the box. -OR- for a small savings, drop it off at our 8,000 sf workshop in Lowell, Massachusetts.


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