Custom Sourcing Part 1 (of 2)


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Mail (or drop off) a stone you select and American Stonecraft will transform it into Food Slabs, Coasters, Trivets, or Bowlders. 
Part 1 (of 2) price, paid for up front,  gets you custom product labeling, round trip shipping, and a personalized consultation to select a rock. –OR- drop off your stone in Lowell, MA, and get a discount, free shipping on the finished pieces, and custom ink-labeling on the finished pieces.
Part 2 (of 2) price, is paid for after your products are created, and is dependent on what products are made. View picture 3 for price list. You will be sent an invoice once your products are complete. 


Custom Label

In the field below, enter desired text for the custom stamp used to mark the underside of your finished stone(s). Max. space available is 2″ x 3″, so 2 – 3 lines of text is best. Some popular ideas are place name, family name, city & state, or year – but choose what is most meaningful to you!