Cooking Stone Kit | Stone, Steel Handle, and Wood


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This is a set that includes a 3/4″ thick Cooking Stone with receiving holes, Stainless Steel Handle, and Wood Blocks. The larger size includes two 6″ x 4″ x 1.5″ wood blocks (four total pieces) and the smaller size includes one block (three total pieces). Either size can be used on a gas grill, in the oven, or brought to the table for serving and tableside cooking once hot. The larger size is for serving two, and the smaller stone is for individual serving.

The 3/4″ thickness allows us to include a stainless steel handle for you to lift your hot stone and place it on wooden blocks at the table for hot stone dining. The thicker stone also retains heat longer than the 1/2″ option. Another difference compared to the 1/2″ cooking stones, is that those heat up more quickly, and their reduced weight per square inch of surface makes for a more competitive price. However they skip the handle and blocks to set the hot stone on.