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24064 – 14″ Charcuterie Board from Osborne Farm, Loudon, NH


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Hi, I’m Gerald, the artisan behind American Stonecraft ®. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind Charcuterie Board I handcrafted in Lowell, Massachusetts from a stone I harvested at the place listed in the title. Cheeses, charcuteries, honeycomb, nuts and dried fruits, cakes and pastries, and countless other delights, will be right at home as you quietly gnosh with a book or movie, or entertain visiting guests.

This is my best-selling product category, a food-safe serving tray, protective trivet, and charging plate for home decor. It is also a thawing tool for defrosting frozen food, best when sandwiching with a second stone, or for highlighting a special plant or object above. Each board’s exact dimensions are found in the SIZING tab below. The wood slats below the board are 3″ wide for scale reference.

My Charcuterie Board is uniquely suited as a large coaster for the couch, making a stable surface on the cushion or armrest, to place your tea cup or laptop, even when you rise. Whether grazing at a table, a couch, on the bed, or on the floor by your fireplace, this food-safe board is also a safe trivet to protect your table from hot dishes out of the oven at a mealtime, or peaceful candles in the evening. 

Stones are considered “concentrations of energy and life, objects of contemplation, microcosms of heaven and earth” (Hay, 1985), I wholeheartedly agree! Click below to add this unique artifact to your collection, or read on to learn more of my story.

Out of stock