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Bowlder 12oz from Cape Cod Select, Carver, MA – #21534


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Hi, I’m Gerald, the artisan and founder of the craft studio American Stonecraft ®. Thank you for exploring a unique, 1 of 1 Bowl I handcrafted in Lowell, Massachusetts. These are some of my favorite shapes to carve out of fieldstone. The stone came from the place listed in the title, and the exact dimensions are found in the sizing tab below. Each wood slat is 3″ wide for scale.

It is a food-safe bowl for serving and grazing. Soft cheeses, olives, crisps, charcuteries, honeycomb, nuts and dried fruit, cakes and pastries, and countless delights will be right at home in this bowl. It is also safe for a candle. One friend uses it for wet shaving, and some people might consider it an appropriate soap dish or home for keys, a wallet, or jewelery next to the bed. Consider pre-chilling the bowl in the freezer for a dish like ceviche or ice cream, or slightly warming the stone (below 125°), depending on the dish and season.

I think of each piece as functional art and the bowl shape is a versatile addition to your tabletop serving kit. Chinese culture considers stones to be concentrations of energy and life, objects of contemplation and worship, microcosms of heaven and earth. (Kernels of Energy, Bones of Earth, 1986). I wholeheartedly agree!

1 in stock

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