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21509 – 8″ Trivet from Cape Cod Select in Carver, MA


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We made this protective Trivet from a fieldstone that we hand-gathered at the place listed above. Each stone’s provenance and artisan is permanently labeled on the underside. Visit our Farms page to discover farm stories and see photos from our visit.

Artisans sawed and polished the rock with diamond tools in our Lowell, MA studio. The Trivet is slightly less versatile as the more popular Food Slab because it is not as stain resistant. However it is preferred by interior designers because it does not reflect light as brightly as a Food Slab.

Use your Trivet for hot or cold dishes, under house plants, as a resting place for keys, a sponge, candle, or other treasures, sculptures, or artworks. While trivets are stain-resistant, they are not recommended for direct, prolonged food contact. If that is the application we recommend our signature product, the Food Slab.

Out of stock