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20557 – Set of 2 Coasters from Foppema’s Farm in Northbridge, MA


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Hi, I’m Gerald, the artisan and founder of the craft studio American Stonecraft ®. Thank you for exploring a unique, 1 of 1 Coaster Set I handcrafted in Lowell, Massachusetts from a single stone. This is a functional set of coasters and a tabletop sculpture. The stone came from the place listed in the title, and the exact dimensions are found in the sizing tab below. Each wood slat is 3″ wide for scale.

The stones are absorbent, and if your icy cold beverage sweats on a hot day, these coasters will remain planted on the table. It is also a trivet, and you can spread out the coasters for a hot casserole or set individual candles on each. The stone will also protect wood from the water rings that weep through clay pots. Consider pre-chilling the coasters in the freezer, or slightly warming them (below 125°), depending on the beverage and season. Another idea related to its thermal properties, is that the mass of your room temperature stone will help speed the defrosting of frozen food, particularly if you sandwich the frozen item between multiple stones.

I think of each coaster set as functional work of art, and these single stone sets are both contemporary and timeless. Chinese culture considers stones to be concentrations of energy and life, objects of contemplation and worship, microcosms of heaven and earth. (Kernels of Energy, Bones of Earth, 1986). I wholeheartedly agree!

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