Heirloom Harvest Community Farm and CSA sprawls across 17 acres of the church-owned farmland behind Saint Luke’s Cemetery in Westborough, MA. The farm is certified organic and uses farming practices that are safe, effective, and help to enhance the surrounding ecosystem. The goal of Hierloom Harvest is to provide healthy, locally-grown food to the community. It is community supported with over 200 members in the CSA. Volunteers and members help with the farming, and a portion of the produce is donated to charity. Members of the CSA can pick up fresh, flavorful food from Spring through Fall. Eating local helps support the whole community by keeping money and resources close to home. Visit their website to learn more about the farm, the CSA, or to volunteer!
Heirloom Harvest Community Farm and CSA 30 Hopkinton Road Westborough, MA (508) 963-7792

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