We’ve been hard at work getting ready for 2023 by letting you pick your favorite products for your retail store, right on our website! Simply create an account to access your pricing, create purchase lists, or to create subaccounts for your store managers. Also, there is a helpful option for chat (‘’conversations’’) between the account owner and subaccounts. This way you, as a business owner or a top manager, can communicate and organize purchasing with your team.

Account registration

The Dealer Account Registration process is quite straightforward. To start, click the account icon at the top of the page:

After this, go to the register option, input your email and password, and then in the user type dropdown section, select B2B (requires approval). Once we check our records, we will approval your business to business account.

When additional fields pop up, input them accordingly. If all fields with the * symbol are done, press the register button at the end of the page.

The last step of this part of the registration procedure is that you will see a notification. Thank you for registering. Your account requires manual approval. Please wait to be approved.

When the American Stonecraft team approves your account, you will get an email confirmation.

And you are all set! You can access your Dealer Account by inputting your email and password on the account login page:

Once you’re logged in you will see all of the options that are available to you. Also, the Shipping fee map shows you the shipping fee for all of the states in the USA. Depending on your store, the shipping cost is a flat rate of 10 or 20$.

User account page - blue and beige Shipping fee map of USA for B2B customers

We hope that this option will make your retailing experience more colorful, and more efficient. Lower priced Charcuterie Boards, Coasters, and Trivets are not worth the effort to photograph, but to add them to your order, simply search for “Studio Selection” on the website. They are organized by Suggested Retail Prices.

Lastly, don’t forget to download images of any products that you are ordering, before completing the checkout. After you buy them, they disappear from the site. Use these on your own website, or on social media to preview what is newly available!

Happy 2023 everyone!
Gerald, Bosko, and The American Stonecraft team