In 1996 brothers Chris, Michael and Patrick Connolly purchased their parents’ dairy farm. They wanted to take control of their own destiny. Now known as Connolly Brothers Dairy, the farm produces dairy, meat, maple syrup and ice cream, which they sell on site in their retail shop.

Their Jersey cows produce milk with the highest cream content, which makes it excellent for ice cream, cheese and other dairy products. The process of making ice cream is labor intensive but worth it! The staff is always experimenting with new ice cream flavors including pumpkin, peanut butter cup, and kahlua fudge brownie.

Their newest venture is a sugarhouse, built in 2012, to produce Maple Syrup, which they infuse into their meats, ice cream, and baked goods for unique and delicious combinations.

Southern New Hampshire is rich with schist, quartzite, and metavolcanic rocks, which give the fieldstones we gathered from the Connollys’ farm beautiful and unique properties. Check them out below!

You can learn more about Connolly Brothers Dairy on their Facebook page.

Connolly Brothers Dairy

140 Webster Hwy

Temple, NH 03084

(603) 924-5002

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