set of four quartz stone coasters held in womans hand in front of gray wall

Serial # 23503

It is said that it is better to give than to receive. And a generous person once said that a great gift shows the recipient how well you know them.

So if you are gifting to twins, triplets, or a whole family, then the perfect gift might reference that this person too, is also part of a set.

My studio, American Stonecraft ®, makes these amazing sets, of multiple pieces cut from the same stone. Like people made from the same genetics, each slice is a little different, and yet fits together like like a key, no other could unlock.

Each set is finished as either a Coaster, a Trivet, or a food-safe Charcuterie Board. Sometimes there is even a Bowl inside the set, or a mix of product finishes.

Cutting a whole rock, without breaking any interior pieces, and then putting them all back together is obviously tricky, so each is a treasure to behold.

However, if you are trying to surprise a family with a remarkable gift? Well, imagine the delight of a twin, to know that they and their twin will both have the only two pieces of a two part set? I bet it will put a huge smile on their faces and make them remember the person who found such a unique surprise!

Perhaps each individual coasters will travel off with their respective family members, reminding each person of each other, waiting to be reunited again someday, or maybe the whole set will stay together, reminding one of the two important pieces in their own life.

I hope this inspires a new perspective on these sculptural coaster sets!