Hi, My name is Gerald and I have been making stone Charcuterie Boar since 2011. A ton of experimentation, testing, and care, has gone into each piece of my work. I’ve personally made with my hands, or employed assistants who made them start to finish under my direct supervision and specifications at my studio in Lowell, Massachusetts.

One of the questions I used to get asked when I first started, was “What do you do with it?”. Well, they are certainly intended for food and you can feel confident serving and eating right off the polished, sealed, food-safe surface. 

However, there are many more wonderful things you can do with them. So without further or due, here is an exceptionally thoughtfully compiled list of 101 Charcuterie Board uses to inspire and excite you, organized by someone extremely creative and talented herself.

1. Cheese board! Use it with cheese tools to go “cutting edge.”

2. As a trivet for hot dishes and casseroles, straight out of the oven

3. Use it to speed up the process of thawing meat, place frozen meat on one, or between two boards.

4. Put it on the arms of your sofa or bed to make a stable and level surfac, even when you sit down or stand up and the furniture shakes.

5. Like fly fishing? Use it as a stand to tie flies

6. Pre-chill it in the freezer to make an ice cold fruit platter on a hot summer day

7. Place it on the corner of your picnic blanket to keep it from blowing away

8. Hang it on the wall, voila! Now you can admire it vertically as nature’s art rivals the human hand

9. Use it to serve sushi

10. Turn it into a lazy-susan with my Lazy Susan add-on

11. Gift it to someone who loves farms, New England, or geology

12. If you like essential oils, my Boards make a great tray for displaying or storing your oils

13. Makes a perfect sponge rest by the kitchen sink

14. Use as an oversized coaster for chilled wine or prosecco

15. Place under a vase of flowers

16. Carry your S’mores ingredients out to the campfire on it

17. Start a collection! Get one from each New England state

18. Pair it with a Soap Lift (like this one) to turn it into a soap dish

19. With a larger size, use as a pastry board

20. Use as a base for local, handmade, rustic centerpieces

21. As a laptop tray to keep your computer off your lap, and the fan from getting blocked

22. Filet a fish on it: Charcuterie Boards are non-porous = odor free!

23. Plant stands! They work wonderfully to protect your wooden furniture from pesky water rings

24. Food Press: Rid tofu of unwanted water or press burgers to an ideal thickness

25. Minimalistic fruit bowl. Who said it had to be a bowl?

26. Place on carpet to make a stable surface for your refreshments when you’re chilling out elementary style

27. Makes a quite charming breakfast-in-bed tray

28. Great gift for a wedding or anniversary for love that is solid as a rock

29. An overnight resting place for your spectacles (retainer? CPAP Machine) on the bedside table

30. If you play disc golf, take one of my smaller boards to use as an all natural mini marker

31. Day trip inspiration: learn about and visit the Farm your stone came from

32. Freeze the stone and then use it to make a “Cold Stone” ice cream treat at home

33. Put it on your vanity or bathroom sink as a heat-safe place to rest a curling iron or hair straightener

34. Keep all your remote controls on it, suddenly they look much neater and way cooler

35. When building a personal altar, the flat, smooth surface is perfect for placing your chosen sacred items

36. Use it as a cake platter

37. Important Stuff Tray: a good place to keep things you can’t misplace like keys, wallet, meds, or phone

38. Use as a moveable game tray to hold your dice, tokens, pawns, meeples and tiles

39. Use it as a base for your air plants: soak them or spritz them and let them dry right on the stone

40. Can be used as a unique cage or tank furnishing for your iguana or turtle

41. At tea time, you can put your hot tea pot, mug, tea bag or strainer right on it!

42. Place them as focal points in your Japanese rock garden or zen garden

43. Use them to tile a mosaic backsplash in your kitchen

44. A good stable, heat-resistant surface for burning candles and placing candle holders

45. Meditate by slowly contemplating the natural forces that resulted in the creation of your stone

46. Bring it to serve a dish on at a potluck and leave it as a hostess gift

47. Cord organizer: place the stone over your power cords to prevent them from falling to the floor

48. Display a Razor/Shave Kit in the bathroom

49. It’s a damn fine paperweight

50. Mash garlic against the stone, it is great for this because it won’t absorb liquid or odors

51. Display salt, pepper, and other condiments atop the Board at your table

52. Start a weekly Cheese Club with a Cheese Journal and a Charcuterie Board, chronicling your cheese tastings with friends

53. Warm the slab in the oven to 110 degrees (maximum!!) and use it as a bread basket warmer

54. Use it as a surface to build a fairy garden on

55. Style an Instagram photo shoot and use the hashtag #CharcuterieBoard and #AmericanStonecraft

56. Visit your local mineral club with your stone to learn more about its geological composition

57. Use it as a blank canvas for painting a silhouette landscape

58. Leave it inside a geocache

59. Build a gingerbread house on it

60. Arrange chocolate covered strawberries on it for your Valentine

61. Place it in an easel or Wooden Stand to display it on your shelf or mantle

62. Ice breaker: use it as a conversation starter

63. Use it as an ashtray for a sage smudge stick

64. Put it underneath your hot glue gun to catch any stray glue that might drip off

65. Arrange an antipasti platter on it

66. Use it to make a delicious crudité platter

67. Turn it into a pet rock

68. Make your own pressed flowers by placing between two Charcuterie Boards

69. A naturally colored palette for mixing oil paints

70. Use it to play a guessing game: test your friends to see who is the closest to guess each stone’s origin

71. Use it as a heat-safe shelf to put on top of a radiator

72. Place a glass cloche bell jar on top to create a beautiful display space for a plant or treasured object

73. Make your own custom Charcuterie Board through our Custom Program to celebrate a personal place

74. Use it as a totally waterproof surface to use as a base underneath your essential oil diffuser

75. Use it as a spoon rest while cooking

76. Makes a beautifully unique tray for passing hors d’oeuvres

77. Use it to build a shrine of nature’s found objects as a seasonal ritual

78. Balloon weight: tie a bunch of helium balloons to it to keep them from flying away

79. Give them as Groomsmen or Bridesmaid gifts for your wedding party 

80. For at-home manicures, place your hands on the cool stone as they are painted and dried

81. Use it to bring the Earth element into a room, increasing a healthy balance of Feng Shui

82. A great surface for crafting with FIMO clay or playing with Play-Doh

83. Display your menorah or nativity scene on it around the holidays

84. Makes a great charger plate for formal dinner table settings

85. A sacred place to neutralize energy and vibration for your Tarot card spreads and storing your Tarot deck

86. Give your french press a fancier home atop a Charcuterie Board

87. Use it as a press weight during the cheesemaking process

88. Use it as a clue or prize in a scavenger hunt

89. Keep a book open with no hands! Simply place the Charcuterie Board at the book’s edge to hold it open

90. Place your jewelry on it when laying out an outfit the night before or changing after a long day

91. Put it on top of your toilet tank to to create a flat surface for storing or displaying items

92. Get up close and personal with it: take a magnifying glass and discover your stone in greater detail

93. Use it for a pattern or fabric weight to secure sewing patterns and fabric without using pins

94. Use it for a baby or children’s handprint keepsake, simply paint the hand and press onto the slab

95. Set it on the corner or side of the bathtub to make your bath even more of a relaxing oasis

96. Use the beautiful polished stone surface as a backdrop to make a sign with liquid chalk pens

97. Place them on top of your vintage speakers to protect their wooden cases from your houseguests

98. Put your goldfish bowl on top of it, the stone will help keep the water consistently cool 

99. Burn incense on it, will catch the ash and look cool!

100. Use it as a Growler coaster

101. Eat off it! Use one as a plate or create a whole set of dishes from Charcuterie Boards

You can’t deny that Charcuterie Board are gorgeous specimens of geology, and now there are many reasons to conclude that there is much more than meets the eye to these handcrafted treasures.

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100. Use it as a Growler coaster

101. Eat off it! Use one as a plate or create a whole set of dishes from Food Slabs

You can’t deny that Food Slabs are gorgeous specimens of geology, and now there are many reasons to conclude that there is much more than meets the eye to these handcrafted treasures.

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