I am really proud of the American Stonecraft website. It uses cutting edge, open source software. Even a sophisticated software company like Intuit made this mistake on the “pay my invoice” link I send to customers:

Notice how the SSL certificates are issued by sendgrid, the email server for intuit. I know this because our team has fixed our security certificates, migrated servers, tinkered with open source software, and developed an RFID inventory management system. We’ve been in a system just like this one from intuit! Being capable to fix our workshop machinery, plumbing, wiring, sanitation and our website is so much fun. I take a huge pride in our website and if you ever want advice, reach out with a quick email. Don’t let technology and software scare you as you either run your own business, or if I send you a payment link that doesn’t work the first time 🙂


*Update Intuit fixed the problem by the next day.