Owned by Angie and Tom Geary, Bedrock Tree Farm sits on and was named after -you guessed it- large deposits of Bedrocks in Wakefield RI. (Just our kind of place.) The farm grows a variety of Firs for annual Christmas Tree sales. During their cutting season, you can walk through their trees and choose your own to cut and take home for the holidays. Angie told us that her husband Tom puts so much love into the trees that sometimes, it’s hard for him to let them go! Angie explained that it takes around 7 years for a Fir tree to grow from a seedling to 8-foot Christmas tree. During the growing years, especially during the initial time investment, Tom grew so attached to the trees he nurtured, that Angie said it was like Tom was sending his babies off to college when it came time to sell them to customers for the holidays! The Geary’s also use their Firs to create a line of Fir needle products- Soaps, Candles and Wax Melts.
Bedrock Tree Farm 106 Woodland Trail Wakefield, RI 02879 (401) 789-0645

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