Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh pine around the holidays? This year, Amy created a lengthy white pine garland to spice up our holiday fair display. This was our first time making garland, and it couldn’t have been simpler. The toughest part was washing the pine sap off our hands when all was said and done! So maybe we’ll wear gloves next time…

Follow along below to make your own Holiday Pine Garland.

Tools and Materials: You will need pine clippings, garden clippers, floral wire (green), twine or rope cord, and scissors. Garland1 Step One:  After you have finished harvesting your pine branches, stack 2 or 3 of your clippings together with their stems facing the same direction. Step Two: Start binding the stems with the floral wire. Amy also weaved the twine in while she was wrapping the stems- this is optional, but it sure looks great! (If you plan to hang your garland, rather than draping it, the twine also provides a way to attach each end easily!) IMG_2895 Step Three: Start layering in your clippings! As you are wrapping the floral wire around the stems, add new stems one by one. Set the new stem so that it sits about 1 inch beyond the bunch that has already been bound. Repeat this process until the garland is your desired length. IMG_2900 You can add two new clippings at each inch increment to achieve a fuller-looking garland. If you don’t have as much space or prefer a slimmer look, add clippings less frequently so that you are only ever binding 2 stems at a time. These clippings are a natural product so remember that they won’t last forever! However, if you make your garland soon after harvesting the clippings, they will give your entire home a festive evergreen scent!

Happy Holiday Crafting!