Allandale Farm consists of 130 acres of farmland, woodland, greenhouses, residences and a stable nestled on the Brookline and Boston line.

William Fletcher Weld purchased the land in the 1800s, and his family ran a self-sufficient farm for over 200 years. In the 1960’s, a changing economy prompted the youngest generation at the time – James, Edward, Lee and Robert – to take control and turn it into a commercial farm. They vowed that as long as the farm could support itself, it would remain as it is.

One of the earliest successful crops for the farm was corn, which they sold at their small farm stand on an honor system where customers left payment in a tin can. They learned the practice and business of farming by trial and error, but eventually they were able to hire full time farmers and expanded their road-side stand into a store.

Farmer John Lee currently runs the day-to-day operations on the farm. His knowledge and hard work has helped the farm to grow. They use traditional organic farming practices such as rotating crops and green manures for fertilizers. They never use chemical herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. They cultivate 30 acres to grow a large variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers to share with their thriving CSA and sell through their farm store and wholesale program. Allandale Farm also serves the community with a variety of workshops and activities, and a summer program for kids.

To learn more about the farm and their upcoming events, visit their website.

Allandale Farm

259 Allandale Rd

Boston, MA 02467

(617) 524-1531