Dear reader,

This is our engineering department in front of his latest creation. A restored mid 1900s Italian grinding machine with a 5 HP washdown main motor, a vacuum motor, and modern wiring, electronics and controls.

Forest had spotted the machine in the yard of a stone business, lying unused and rusting. But he had a vision. He also knew of recycled CNC machine bases, and knew of a way to reference the planes of these two components to within a tight tolerance of each other.

The advantage of his creation over our existing tooling, is that it applies an adjustable downward force, in addition to control over the spindle speed.

As I find more in-progress photos of this project I will upload them to this page. Write us on the Contact Us page if you want to see these photos: before/after and in progress shots. That way I know you are reading! 🙂

Hanging out with Forest has been a ton of fun! The only thing missing from this project was that Forest didn’t have a company logo that I could put on his machine now that it is complete. Here is the one we made for him:

That is either Charlie or Winston on the hillside. My upcoming project is to transfer the logo to a metal plate.

Stay tuned for more!